Operating Your Ducted System

Operating Your Ducted Air Conditioning System



Your ducted system is controlled by a Daikin integrated zone controller.



Your home is divided up into zones, usually you may have a constant and up to eight selectable zones. The number of zones that can be selected on vary depending on the home, but a good way to tell is if there is a noise coming from the air ‘rushing’ through the supply vents, then you need to increase the number of zones selected. Alternatively, if the home is taking a long time to cool down or heat up, then reduce the number of zones selected on.



Just like a new car, your air conditioner requires regular servicing to maintain the systems efficiency and to help detect problems before they become a major issue. We recommend that you have your unit serviced annually. We are happy to send out a service reminder to you when your system is due for its maintenance.




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