Aeromac and Daikin

Aeromac and Daikin

Aeromac  supplies and installs Daikin advanced technology products including Air Conditioning Systems that have received the Top Energy Saver Award – An award system created by governments to recognise the most efficient star-rated products on the market.

Daikin Industries limited has received ISO 14001 Environmental Certification for the Daikin production facilities listed below. ISO 14001 is an international standard specifying requirement for an environmental management system,  enabling an organisation to formulate policy and objectives, taking into account legislative requirements and information about significant environmental impacts. It applies to those environmental aspects within the organisation’s control and over which it can be expected to have an influence.

Daikin Inverter air conditioners are more powerful, however, they are also more energy efficient than conventional, non-inverter models. Conventional air conditioners operate at a fixed speed, delivering a fixed amount of cooling and heating. A Daikin Inverter has more advanced technology that operates more intelligently. The principle is simple: Inverters adjust the power to suit your actual requirements – no more no less.


It works like the accelerator of a car, gently increasing or decreasing power. It reaches the desired temperature quicker and steadily maintains it without wild fluctuations. That means uninterrupted comfort and significant savings on running costs.

The inverter continually adjust its cooling and heating output in accordance with the temperature of the room.  when the desired temperature is reached, inverter technology ensures it is constantly maintained – keeping you comfortable at the same time as running more efficiently.

Daikin Inverter models are also very reliable even in extremes. Your Daikin Inverter’s operation is guaranteed even when the mercury in Brisbane and South East Queensland soars to as high as 46ºC or as falls to as low as minus 10ºC (heating).